How To Get Rid Of A Piano For Free


Guide the piano out of your home.

  • So, what did they do? If the piano is reaching the end of its life a piano restorer or technician may be interested in bringing it back to life.
  • I welcome your comments and suggestions on this topic and as always, thanks again for joining me: Or maybe your piano has gone past its best and no longer works as it should.
  • So, what did they do? Or maybe your piano has gone past its best and no longer works as it should.
  • This route is relatively quick, the piano movers will collect the piano and you may well get a few pounds for your piano. How do I get rid of an old upright piano???
  • We Remove, Pickup, and Haul: It was much easier to accomplish a business transaction back in those days, apparently.

If your piano donation is accepted by us, we will arrange pick up of the piano at no cost to you. Enter your email address Of course, every fraternity should have a piano, a place to gather round and sing old Tin Pan Alley hits and Broadway show tunes. Fripp got the idea of the Cuban trip from David Stanwood of Martha's Vineyard, a fellow piano technician. I'm having a hard time finding anyone who wants it. Any suggestions would be great..


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There are quite a few options available to you. Or maybe your piano has gone past its best and no longer works as it should. Please Pass It On! A close-up of used instruments on a small table outside of a shop. My particular favourite is the Gumtree website.

Upright Grand Electronic Parlour Right now a story is making the rounds out of Bowmanville, Ontario. How to Recycle Plastic Drums. One great resource for people looking to get rid of their pianos is PianoAdoption.

Thanks again for all the replies: They find this to be an attractive place to live if the piano isn't being played much. Roger Elmore of Woodbridge, Va.

  • Piano Removal
  • Did you know that Canada sends much of its garbage to China? Contact a professional piano moving company in your area to remove the old piano from your property and transport it to its new home or location.

Anyway, I was very surprised at the condition of their piano. Finally, Ken Herst of Springfield, Va. Years before he attended, there was a brief craze on the campus. New Topics - Multiple Forums. We wouldn't want it, but there is probably someone who would. You can choose to pay for the moving costs yourself, request the charity, organization or individual accepting the old piano to pay the costs or you can choose to split the costs evenly with the charity, organization or individual.

I watched a show on PBS recently about people donating their pianos for transport to Cuba. We can remove virtually anything except hazardous waste.


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