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THAT's the best reason you can come up with?

  • Jang-mi feels bad and starts to tell Hyun-hee the truth, but is interrupted by a text from her mother. He is now lying to keep them apart
  • How can she just go along and agree with gt mom in tearing down her own daughter? On a side-note, i can't get over how pretty Han Groo is:
  • I think he just decided that he could coast into it and everything would be fine.


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DESCRIPTION: It is Gi Tae who worries me. Whereas the one she connects with, tells her secrets to, makes herself vulnerable for, is actually Gi-tae. Ki-tae bristles even more, and Yeo-reum seems to take pleasure in detailing all the couple-y things he plans to do with Jang-mi and watching Ki-tae get flustered.

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Ki-tae respected that side of her from the very beginning, but he's so terrified of giving up his carefully manicured existence that he's equivocating. Jang-mi protests again, but Mom just insults her dedication to the family and sails out with a smile. At the memorial service and at the mall. She has no self-respect and her parents don't help I think that Ki-tae simply needs to learn a little more about saying and doing what Jang-mi needs once in awhile, instead of just saying whats on his mind. Meet on my day off or after work. This show is really slow paced! I am loving this series the last scene broke my heart when she went to YR but I guess this is the first step she is taking and going with her heart.

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Jang-mi shudders to see them snuggled up, and pokes the boys awake. When Ki-tae speaks, Marriagw get the sense that he's saying exactly what he wants to say, but when Yeo-reum speaks sometimes not always though it feels like he's thinking to Marriage Not Dating Ep 8 Kissasian "what does this person want to hear? I actually didn't Marriaage she wanted to hear "You are pretty" from KT at all. Yeo Reum and Hoon Dong do have accounts… but I forgot what they are.

I assume that Yeo Reum's account would be full of nothing but photos of food. Of all the characters, JM is the only one who tries to talk sense to her. It would be nice to see the second male lead to get the girl.

And then YeoReum's response was so understated that I laghed even more. The drama's funny as hell, and i'm loving the whole plot but really, i'm hoping for progress..

  • Marriage Not Dating Episode 8
  • I'm pretty sure only Ki Tae has one, though it would be adorable if they made one for all the characters and did little conversations to give us hints for the new episodes or stuff like that. I also like him dragging JM up the hill on the back of the bike.
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  • I am expecting JM to pull away or at least for it to happen and her realise there is no chemistry there..

She sees KT Oma as sad and lonely and wants to help. JM's biggest weakness is she wants to understand and please everyone. And jm mom pissed me off at the bridal shop. How can she not defend and support her daughter? Mom makes her swear not to mention she had plastic surgery, but Jang-mi says she has more sense than that.

I agree with some of the other people who have pointed out that it was after she talked to Se Ah that she got fed up and it wasn't until Se Ah came and stood next to Ki Tae that she ran into Yeo Reum's well, Hoon Dong's car so it's most likely jealousy on top of the stress from KT's mom that drove her to him. It'd be cute if Jang-Mi and the mother end up as close friends and allies later on, so hopefully the mother will finally explode at her husband and stop her manipulative ways. I agree with you, diba. I agree with Juliette. I also like him dragging JM up the hill on the back of the bike. Juliette-people cheat all the time but its not like most people cheat just to cheat..

I understand the other characters not knowing his true feelings, but the audience is just as in the dark. Her dream was to have the person she love tell her she was pretty in her wedding dress, but he drags his former girlfriend with him there. I loved this ending even if it certainly doesn't leave me feeling as giddy as the last episodes did.


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