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And the person who taught me my heart.

  • It's soo important to me because the INR franchise is heavily centered around the close friendship between the leading lady and her sidekicks!
  • Idk what it is thats so satisfying about seeing Kratos be such a good parent 7
  • I feel like everything is either paint-by-numbers or forced, and I agree about the lack of chemistry of the leads: I never would have thought it was Lee Hyori's but now that I am listening to it again, I can recognize her voice now.

I do love Joo-yeon, though. It is a new story, so you don't need to watch the previous seasons. I can tell this is a polarizing show, but I love it too. I don't like the writing either. If she hadn't run into him, was she expecting that he wait for her for years? So what does she do?


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DESCRIPTION: She smiles back at him and gets ready to approach, but someone beats her to it. But she never does, and after some time goes by the photo is relegated to a corner of the window, half-hidden behind another photo. I mean it is kind of sweet and romantic to think that someone has had you in their heart and thoughts for so long.

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She overdoes her character I suppose one could say "Yay for speaking about taboo issues" but ultimately I didn't enjoy how adoption, homosexuality and rape were handled in this drama. Nice video 6 She goes inside the hotel with the soon-to-be-ex, and tells us in voiceover that since that day, relationships ceased to burn hot, and breakups ceased to make her cry.

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No, you wear old shoes. It's under i need romance 3 on viki.

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  • You have my endorsement as well alua.
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Maybe because it is winter and the whole lacks the feeling of cheeful relax in the sun? I felt too manipulated by the plot again and again. I mean it is kind of sweet and romantic to think that someone has had you in their heart and thoughts for so long. It has always been her tried and tested method, and I understand that that's her go-to now--to just leave and escape and try to solve it on her own, without bothering the people around her. I know most people stuck their mind about this actress just cold and aggressive character. At best, I do love the idea "Sweet Potatoe" kept vivid memories of his innocent and more pure "Sing Sing" means starry or stars, right?

100% Guaranteed!

I'm hoping the pace will pick up, but maybe that's because I'm too used to the fast action in Man From the Stars Thank you for the recap! Sorry, it was meant to be a separate post, but I got some error message and it somehow landed here. Perhaps because the noonas took care of the boys when they're much younger. Meanwhile Wan drives straight for the beach and takes in the view, declaring his happy return to Korea and to Sing Sing:

While you're at it, block out her shoes too. While I adore Sung Jung, I also find the best friend second lead adorable. PlumWine January 14, at 9: Seems like she hooked onto a good project.


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